Soon rain showered love

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I walked along the woods,

Recollection all the bads and goods,

Alone and daze,

Loosing all the vigor and craze.

Meanwhile I saw those plants and sun,

Romancing and having fun,

Sky took many shades,

Some dark, and some that slowly fades.

Mountains seemed annoyed,

Complained about being avoid,

Cascade danced down,

Cheering and making variety of sound.

Birds sang lullaby,

For their young ones, quite to stay,

Animals showed diversity,

Some partied, some battled adversity.

Trees promised shurbs,

Not to fight, nor with branches neither with verbs,

Earth admired them all,

Embraced those little lives that crawl.

Soon rain showered love,

Droplets freely could rove,

Sunlight kissed them,

Looked like pearl and gem.


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