Now you ask me to come back!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Now you ask me to come back,

Again tie a bond, slack?

Ask these walls and that pillow,

About the time I have been low,

I was out of my senses.

Cheers to the memories together,

But I don't want all them, again to gather.

Those promises made,

To stay by you, was the only aid,

Never knew it would take such a sharp turn.

Now caffeine has taken your place,

There are no feelings, earlier that use to race,

Those roads, we spent hours walking on,

Has many stories, of how you con,

That phase has taught me most.

That dumb, has no intention to beat for you,

Leave the hopes, I did too.

No same gaffe again,

No joy of dancing in shower and rain.

Bury all the mind's eye, and leave no stain.


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