Updated: Aug 11, 2020

"life is full of twists and turns sometimes life is on its fullest and sometimes it is just like sunflower closing its petal when Suns down"

When we gets into relationship with someone we try to share each other feelings,emotions,our bright side as well as our dark side.we just think think think.....about each other every seconds of past hours,days,weeks,month's and years.

A true relationship means that if whole world is against us then also we will be together forever.

In relationship we try to make our bond stronger,we try to define each other,understand each other,try to mold each other.If one goes wrong other should make it correct in the sense to be together.

but but but ......

When something goes out of our hand in relationship we can't make it up to that level.

Misunderstandings,hurting of emotions such kind of things leads to short term relationship or are so to be Called Fake relationship.

Feelings get hurted,bond gets break,life sucks at some point,every since life tires to teach you a new chapter...

After this things we try to recover ourselves.we just miss our relationship every single second that we have spend together...

we think and we just react

That might be the reason why love is complicated…..

-Aashiv more

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