Hopping mad on some situations Started lessening my Old Me...

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Hopping mad on some situations

Started lessening my Old Me....

I wanted to be 'Me' again but there was something that was unbinding me from inside.

I wanted to recover,I asked for help too but no one found its cure because this thing was Love BreakUp.

Everyone experiences Love but there are few who can fall deep into it...

I was one of it who sensed it so deeply that ,if cut, my nerves whould have bleed her emotions....

I was loosing my self for every second spend with her.

Everytime I closed my eyes I use to see myself dying Infront of her memories...

She moved on but my time was stuck there


I cried

I tried...

And finally understood that,if you want to hide this thing then just give an excuse,also known as MATURITY

-From Aashiv More

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