Happy Independence Day

They came marching like a flood,

Taking away my country people's life,

And shedding their blood,

Those cruel didn't see children,old,husband or wife.

On that day, Baisakhi was motto,

All were killed as they fired ammo,

The crowd got restless,

Which created a mess

Some tried to climb on wall,

Some jumped in well,

None could flee the situation,

And to free India was still an aspiration,

But those innocent souls were of my countrymen,

Who tried to get their freedom which was a ban.

Amritsar had taken a bloodbath,

With dead bodies lying on the path,

Within few minutes massacre grew to an end,

And, we promised we will shed our heads but won't bend.

The struggle is visible,

Resulting in-

Free independent and Republic India.

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