Every dawn comes with a hope!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Every dawn comes with a hope,

To tie you by my side with a rope,

To feel the warmth of your arms,

And together to count the stars.

To hear that unheard voice,

To plan a ploys,

And many thing that I cannot scribe,

I would give you a bribe,

For your time I have been craving.

Every time when you say,

"If you can then please stay",

Puts me into a muddle,

Either choice brings me to a trouble.

It was first time, I didn't stay yesterday,

I really didn't want it that way,

But couldn't resist your harsh words,

That still make me anxious.

I wanna be by your side,

Spread my hands wide,

And dance the ball away,

It's you, all this to say.

Believing those promises,

Best of luck, for all your wishes,

Even I'm waiting to see you with your permanent crush,

And see you growing with a lush!


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