Enjoy the happening blip...

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

"Wild experience" he described it,

To our first meet,

The hoots of owl, and cheeping of birds,

Accompanied us with our words.

From a motivator, and being a singer,

To sharing his flinger,

Journey started in the middle of jungle,

With some work done, some left bungle.

The talks started at zero hour,

He bought my heart out , which was behind bar.

From melodies song,

And correcting the wrong.

He inspired me a lot,

Things I lost long back, in front he bought,

He made me imagine the things,

To fly and get new wings.

Life will surely take a turn,

Though the wounds and burns,

Are still the same,

But are much whelm.

Hoping for a long way ahead,

Together to face the red,

Let's have this thrilling trip

Enjoy the happening blip.


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