Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Nothing but cigarette turns him on,

Those beers and those wines,

This is all his life, since the time she is gone,

No responsibilities, no work, is now in his spines.

I wish to calm him,

Take his head on my lab,

Try to give him, slight whim,

Please his heart, now which is a scrap!

Keeping your hands on me,

Will make you feel me,

I wanna be by you, that everytime,

When you feel, I couldn't do it this time!

Your talks make me feel,

I am someone to listen,

I know the situation, I can't heal,

But have a heart for you that run!

Silly talks, on no serious topic,

Are the things that give me a feeling of being freak,

I wish to be with someone,

Not for lifetime,

But till the time, with me you are done!!!


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